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Motorola: the trump card?

Motorola: the trump card? logomacitynet1200wide 1

While we feel a little happy (if we believe the false megahertz myth) and confused (because we can no longer understand if Motorola is about to leave the processor market or not), we record the news that perhaps Motorola will be able to from its apparent torpor and, in the long term, to have revolutionary technologies. It seems that by 2005 (!) the barrier of micro-technologies can be lowered, thanks to Motorola, to the level of 0.05 microns allowing to concentrate about double the circuits on the same surface as the chips. Indeed, the world of IT literally "hammered" by the Intel race of the MHz, where the Pentium 4 has recently reached 2,000 MHz while the poor brother, the Celeron, has, just last Friday, surpassed also the 1000 MHz threshold with the 1.1 GHz model. All while in the PPC the race continues much slower The lowering of the current limit of 157 nanometer will reach 100 nanometer was announced by Joe Mogab, director of Motorola's Digital DNA Laboratories, explaining that these measures will be achieved thanks to a photolithography to the EUV (extreme ultraviolet). Next year Motorola will start testing the system but, not before 2005, we will see the The other partner of the AIM alliance that produces PowerPC processors, IBM, recently announced that it will direct future studies towards logic circuits on single carbon molecules, perhaps abandoning the use of silicon in advance. IBM and Motorola will do good or harm to PowerPC

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