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Motorola sues a former executive now in Apple

Motorola sues a former executive now with Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

Prior to joining Apple, Michael Fenger worked for Motorola for six years, also serving as vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the lawsuit filed by Motorola against the former executive, the multinational said that he was "informed about prices, margins, customer initiatives, resource allocation, product development, planning and business strategies and resources used by Motorola. ?, This is a short excerpt that is circulating on the Internet and reported among others by the authoritative

All this knowledge would have been exploited by Apple for the global launch of the iPhone: in Cupertino the former Motorola manager holds the position of vice president for global sales of the Apple smartphone. But there is more: the resignation from Motorola and the immediate transition to Apple would violate Fenger's written promise not to work for a competing company for at least 2 years after the exit. It is interesting to note that in the summons initiated by Motorola, no monetary compensation was requested by Cupertino.

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