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Motorola finds the holy grail

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A new technology could give Motorola a decisive strategic advantage in the race for new processors that in addition to power are capable of expressing conditions of use at lower temperatures and with reduced consumption.

The component underlying the technology is gallium arsenide, a substance that has long been known to be a potential substitute for silicon against which it has an advantage in terms of conductivity. Unfortunately, until yesterday, making gallium arsenide processors was in fact impossible for cost reasons. Motorola has found a key by using gallium arsenide and silicon in combination, superimposing the first on the second and finding a way to put a special insulator between the two. Motorola can also produce larger wafers than possible until recently, which further cuts costs.

Motorola's announcement has attracted great attention in the processor market and in the entire semiconductor segment. For years, many researchers have been looking for ways to use gallium arsenide to improve processor performance without increasing consumption and heating. The fact that Motorola got there first could give the chip sector a very significant strategic advantage, so significant that according to someone it could give breath to the asphyxiated division of Schaumburg for which there was talk of sale.

Motorola, which according to some observers would have even found the 'holy grail of processors', expects to use the chip technology that it produces for the world of cellular telephony, but undoubtedly that will also be used in the PPC sector. The first processors that use gallium arsenide should be released within two years. Motorola is considering selling the system to produce gallium arsenide based semiconductors.

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