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Motorola, details on the G5

Motorola, details on the G5 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The successor of the G4, hitherto known as the unofficial name of G5, has a name. To "baptize" it and to reveal some details, the Motorola roadmap that announces it for the first time as 8500. The roadmap describes it as a 32 and 64 bit processor, compatible with applications written for previous architectures, capable of symmetric multiprocessing is implemented using new technologies such as Rapid I / 0 and SOI. The debut speed should be at 800 MHz (lower than initially expected) but also capable of reaching 2 GHz. Beyond this data and the curiosity of a new name, the appearance in a more interesting time and for some verses also a little worrying that Motorola seems to be willing to abandon the numbering that began with "7" and that characterized the chips destined for the desktop world. The new processor will have the initial number "8", the one intended for the world of network systems and communications in general. Chips for routers, mobile phones and consumer devices of various origins fall into this category. From this detail, draw the conclusion that Motorola with the G5 will begin the separation of the fate of the semiconductor segment of Schaumburg from that of computers and therefore from Apple seems a little rushed. Of course, it is a signal, perhaps even minimal and perhaps even insignificant, but which added to the many that we have meticulously reported from these pages in recent months leads us to keep our attention on the subject and not to assume that, if not the G5 (whose use in Macs, however it may be), at least the G6 reported at the head of the roadmap may be a processor intended for computers with the Apple.

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