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Modified kernel for Nexus 7 with the possibility of extreme overclocking

There are a few days left before Asus leaves Nexus 7 on the Italian market, but as we have shown you, in other markets the tablet has already made its appearance. In fact, the communities have managed to get interested results.

In fact, on the XDA forum, in addition to the various discussions that offer modified recovery, root and other options related to the world of modding, there is a discussion with a modified kernel to overclock the CPU and GPU of the Google tablet.

The less practical will not know what it means "overclocking"So we will explain it in short: overclocking the practice of increasing the frequency of a processor or graphics card, to obtain better performance at the expense of the general stability of the system.

Thanks to the kernel developed by clemsyn, XDA user, Nexus 7 owners were able to reach maximum clock peaks equivalent to 2000 MHz for the processor and 650 MHz for the graphics card, thus obtaining very high scores in the most popular benchmark programs.

Among the most surprising data we report the score of 8082 obtained in the program benchmark "Quadrant" or the surprising figure of 69.6 fps obtained in the "NenaMark2" program.

The same developer of the modified kernel argues for, that the tablet with the overclocking of the CPU at 1700 MHz and the GPU at 650 MHz becomes "really too hot" therefore we recommend this practice only for short periods of time, because the long exposure of the internal parts a tablet (or any other device not equipped with a dissipation system at the height) could cause irreparable damage to the device.

But curiosity is known to stand out, most of the time, on risks. So if anyone is interested, they can follow all the instructions in the XDA discussion.


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