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MobileMe, solved almost all problems

MobileMe, solved almost all problems logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple last night made it known through the support page to have completed the restoration of all the functions of the MobileMe mail system, coping with the serious bug that in recent days had led a (says Apple) small percentage of users to lose the access to the service and in some cases even to lose part of their email messages.

Those who still have some mail problems can contact a dedicated web chat, thanks to which they can have assistance (obviously in English)

Apple also tackled a second problem that, in this case, plagued the synchronization of contacts and calendars on MobileMe. In practice, the system simply did not work for everyone. If you were part of this unfortunate group of users, things should have settled now; so if you don't have to turn off iPhone or iPod touch, turn it back on, disable synchronization and then re-enable it from the appropriate menu.

Apple, learns from David G., the person who was given the job by Jobs to keep customers informed about the tortuous and difficult launch of MobileMe, now believes he has left the worst problems behind.

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