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Minuum Keyboard on the Play Store

There Minuum Keyboard an app that has been much talked about in recent months, this is a type of keyboard that has a completely different graphic from the normal keyboards we use.

It is a very fast keyboard. The somewhat responsive and functional Minuum keyboard. Furthermore, swipes made for secondary actions are also correctly interpreted. As for its graphics, this is very innovative. Available onPlay Store of Android, thisapphas all the characters on a single bar, in fact Minuum Keyboard has all the letters, numbers and symbols inside that we are used to using. As for its operation, this turns out to be very simple, it is based on the precision of the typing, even if it has very small characters.

In addition, there is the support of many gestures, through which all users have the ability to access other functions present. In addition, the Minuum Keyboard compatible with all devices that have an Android operating system updated to version 2.3.3. I remind everyone that for now the app is not able to support the Italian language, but with the next updates this will also be available. For all Android users who are interested in downloading the application, they will be able to find it in the Android store at a price of only 2.90.


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