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Microsoft's antivirus app will arrive on iPhone and Android

In view of the RSA Conference, which will be held in San Francisco from 24 to 28 February, Microsoft has announced important news confirming the multinational's commitment to the application of artificial intelligence in support of hybrid cloud security; among the announcements also the anticipation of the arrival of the Microsoft antivirus app on the iPhone and Android later in the year.

New technologies powered by AI – Microsoft says – are changing society, increasing the possibility of access to medical care, improving the protection of endangered species, offering multiple opportunities in various areas. However, criminal organizations also leverage technology to create increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks, which target a wide range of devices and services.

Microsoft tries the 4-day work week, productivity increases by 40 percent

Thanks to the cloud and the calibrated combination of artificial intelligence and human skills, it is possible to revolutionize cyber security. For example, Microsot claims that its security solutions help identify and deal with cyber threats 50% faster than 12 months ago, allowing you to automate 97% of the routine tasks that occupied the most up to two years ago. part of the time of the cybersecurity workers.

New cloud and AI based features have been announced to optimize security and simplify the work of IT and security managers. Among these, Microsoft Threat Protection supports security specialists by proactively monitoring applications, emails, user activities and endpoints. Thanks to AI and automation, this solution can identify danger signals and act accordingly, distinguishing negligible warnings from important warnings that could go unnoticed, thus allowing security officers to concentrate on accidents that require their attention.

The Redmond multinational has announced the availability of the solution for Linux and the Defender Advanced Threat Protectionad iOS and Android protection plans. In a summary and simplified way, it means that Microsoft's antivirus will arrive on the iPhone and Android within this year. In any case, Apple's policies prohibit file and system scanning operations, for this reason practically all apps of this type on the App Store focus on protection against phishing and other cyber threats, but not on viruses, such as this will probably also happen to the upcoming Microsoft app.

Microsoft has announced important news for hybrid cloud securityExample of Azure Sentinel machine learning activities in the 30-day period of December 2019

To further improve the protection of its customers' multi-cloud infrastructure, Microsoft announced the availability of the Azure Sentinel connector for IoT devices and the ability to import AWS CloudTrail logs into Azure Sentinel at no additional cost starting February 24, 2020 and until June 30, 2020.

Insider Risk Management by Microsoft 365 defined instead The first integrated solution for the management of internal risks born on the cloud: it allows to face internal threats (such as IP theft by outgoing employees or harassment) without the need to distribute agents or manual configurations. Microsoft will reveal further details of its news in the field of information security and also of the new Microsoft antivirus for iPhone and Android in the coming days, during the RSA Conference event which takes place from 24 to 28 February in San Francisco.

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