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Microsoft trial, a new judge

Microsoft trial, a new judge logomacitynet1200wide 1

The fate of Microsoft is in the hands of a new judge. Last Friday, in fact, the "lottery" which was to assign a new judge the task of deciding which is the most suitable remedy to prevent Redmond from illegally exercising his monopoly, has chosen Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. The judge takes the place of Jackson, removed from the court of appeal on suspicion of "prevention" against Microsoft and above all for having issued statements against the Redmond company before the final judgment was presented The Kollar-Kotelly, nominated to the District Court of Columbia by Bill Clinton, was until recently a second-rate figure in the world of American law. Unlike Jackson, who had risen to the headlines for condemning the mayor of Washington in a very famous proceeding involving drug dealing and drug use, he has never been a known face. Previously she has almost always dealt with cases involving common crimes. Only on a couple of occasions has he had the honor of the news.In the first he denied the American Ministry of Agriculture the possibility of killing, without the permission of the competent office (the Fish and Wildlife service), the wild ducks that invaded the parks and public areas, a provision that earned the acclaim of American environmentalists for Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. In a second case, the new judge earned the headlines when he sentenced the Iranian government to pay $ 355 million for the kidnapping and killing of an American marines on a peace mission in Lebanon by the Hezbollah. greater concern by those who believe that the effectiveness of a ruling in the Microsoft case essentially depends on how quickly it will be promulgated. The new judge, who was also fasting on the subject, will have to review a huge mass of documents to form an opinion. Then I will have to start the detailed examination of the case. All this could impose a long wait before the final pronouncement.We remind that the new judge does not have to re-examine the case entirely (Microsoft's guilt was also recognized by the court of appeal), but only to order the remedy again so that Redmond can no longer abuse its dominant position in the operating systems market. The division into two of the Windows manufacturers remains one of the hypotheses under consideration.

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