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Megabyte: everyone has their say!

Megabyte: everyone has their say! logomacitynet1200wide 1

The "megabyte type" should be kept in an institution, a bit like what happens for example with the sample meter stored in Paris, given that, by now saying "this 64 MB CompactFlash memory" is no longer a certainty. From the FAQs you read on the site of SanDisk it is learned, not without surprise, that the megabyte, taken into consideration by the most important flash memory manufacturer, is equivalent to 1,000 bytes and not 1,024 bytes as other companies do. SanDisk explains the difference better: ?with the other method of calculation 1 GB is obtained by multiplying 1.024 Byte x 1.024 Byte, that is 1.048.576 B while col our we multiply 1.000 B x 1.000 B obtaining 1.000.000 Bytes, therefore the difference of 48.576 Bytes "From this enlightened explanation it is deduced that a 64 MB SanDisk CompactFlash is less than what anyone could expect, that is: 64 MByte x 48.576 Byte = 3,108,864 Bytes therefore in the SanDisk CompactFlash you will be able to store only 60,000,000 Bytes instead of 64,000,000.SanDisk also carries on his (solitary) battle but many, even if only minimally informed, computer teachers would have sent them all back to September in this matter, then we help them to review: there are 8 bits in 1 byte and 1,024 bytes in 1 kilobyte (KB per kilobyte, Kb per kilobit, if we really want to exaggerate) .Sure that this year SanDisk can finally be promoted also in this In the meantime, we will try to buy real MB from other manufacturers. In the meantime, if you are losing all certainty, stay calm, still some points of reference remain: the sun rises to the east every morning, the compass always directs the needle to the north, MacityNet is updated every morning …

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