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MacOs X 10.1, faster and faster

MacOs X 10.1, faster and faster logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Golden Master version of MacOs X 10.1, therefore complete with all its features and functionality, the same that will be released to the public, could be demonstrated during an event scheduled this week in Hong Kong.

To support the indiscretion Think Secrets, a site dedicated to rumors, according to which important confirmations to this thesis come from the level of development that the update would have reached.

Build 5G41 was recently released from the Cupertino laboratories, very close in quality and completeness to the Golden Master version. There would still be few missing details and even some of the major problems, such as the quality of the DVD player, would have been overcome.

In particular, the new beta release would have as a particular sign the speed that would be even higher than that of previous builds.

Recall that most sites agree that MacOs 10.1 will be released in the context of Apple Expo to be held in Paris, starting next September 25th.

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