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MacGhostView 2.3: the all-rounder for Postscript and PDF

MacGhostView 2.3: the all-rounder for Postscript and PDF logomacitynet1200wide 1

Appreciated by the press agencies MacGhostView is multipurpose software for viewing PostScript files, very similar to its brother available for Unix allows any document conforming to the dictates of Adobe Document Structuring Conventions to be shown on the screen with pages in any order and to be printed on non-postscript devices thanks to the conversion carried out from "Macps2pdf" included in the package. Obviously you can convert multipage documents to PDF format, load them from Acrobat Reader and send them to the printer. The program requires a good amount of ram and works with Mac OS 8.1 or higher. There is also a Carbon version that runs natively with Mac OS X. For download (about 8 MB) and further instructions, visit this page.

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