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Layar changes its look on Android

Layar a well-known application, for Android devices, which has become very popular but not very intuitive.

In fact, the developers themselves have released a new version of Layar. They have renewed everything, from the look to the functionality, making the application simpler and more complete. The innovative version of Layar has a rather crisp graphic, inside we note four steps that are used to get to know the innovative features, and to immediately get to the heart of the 'Augmented Reality'.

In addition, the camera will activate instantly and with a single touch on the screen it will be possible to activate the scan of everything that Layar will tell us in Augmented Reality in the adjacent environment. Plus theapp presents a new function, that is: 'Recent Content' through which Android users will be able to notice overlay all stored content both recently visited and discovered content, therefore, we are talking about a sort of history that shows the content that has been viewed with the app.

In addition to the innovative features, with regards to design, Layar has published a new logo that is clearer and better identified in the position of the company as a leader in augmented reality. In addition, this application presents the 'QR Code' scan through which various information on the various services can be obtained.

Not bad news for this application!


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