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Is a broken iPhone 4S worth more than a working Galaxy S2?


Curious news: Is a broken iPhone 4S worth more than a working Galaxy S2?

I present to you a curious news concerning Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S 2.

According to a recent study, in fact, a working Galaxy S 2 would be sold at a lower price than a broken iPhone 4S.

Do we have to trust?

This news will leave many Apple fans speechless: aiPhone 4S, even if completely destroyed or damaged, is worth more than a Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Nexus in a healthy and robust constitution.

This is what emerges from a study conducted byblog Gazelleand presented right in these hours during theCES 2013 in Las Vegas.

It seems incredible, but the study seems to correspond to reality, even in Italy.

Thetables, then resumed from9to5Mac, leave no room for doubt: iApple devicescompared to the various competitors, they manage to maintain a "bigger" market and are easily sold even if broken or damaged.

But how can they be so appreciated even in disaster conditions?

Apparently, these devices, even if purchased broken or destroyed, they are then easily repairable without major difficulties even by users with an average level of experience in the field of smartphone repairs.

The materials for repairing these smartphones can be found at low prices on the web and so it is quite simple to buy the parts and bring the smartphones back to a good level of operation, both as regards the hardware and as regards the aesthetic parts.

If I have to be honest, at least on an Italian level, things seem to me in line with this study.

Looking at the second-hand market, I see that the Galaxy S 2 is sold used at around 200-250, while a Used (but functional) iPhone 4S is sold for around 350. An iBroken or non-working Phone 4S is sold at around 150-200obviously based on the conditions it is in.

The price, of course, not the same, but it can happen to find a Galaxy S 2 sold at 200 (perhaps because it is very ruined), and, at the same price, you could buy a broken iPhone 4S (perhaps aesthetically perfect, but with some hardware problems easily solved for an expert user).

iPhone 4S, willy-nilly, continues to have a large market, not only on the new one, but also on the used one. Galaxy S 2 is still interesting for users too, but less than Apple's smartphone.

iPhone 4S and Galaxy S 2 are not sold for the same used price, but it could actually happen, for a series of special circumstances, to find a Galaxy S 2 functioning at a price equal to or similar to that of a used and non-functioning iPhone 4S.

Do the accounts come back?

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