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iPhone Edge with firmware 2.0 and hack: is it worth updating?

iPhone Edge with firmware 2.0 and hack: is it worth updating? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The disease of the APP store has taken many Italian users of the "unlocked" iPhone Edge: the possibility of downloading many applications that have appeared in recent days for free or as freeware is making many users take a series of rash steps.

Upgrading to version 2.0 of the firmware to date an operation that we only recommend to the so-called "geeks" with an iPhone to play with: the first reports of users speak of compromised Edge functionality, malfunctions or crashes with the application Mail.

Patches and changes are coming out to restore the operation of some applications but the time elapsed since the exit of the hack is too little to risk being with a phone that is not fully functional and lose a lot of the data entered if you do not make a backup " intelligent".

It must also be said that with the arrival of firmware 2.0 and with the installer 4.0 not yet available, the user finds a series of paid applications but loses many of those "native" software that is the basic users. (who likes "nice" games, utilities and tools) that advanced ones (which use for example the terminal) cannot be found for free on iPhone Edge.

The "native" software on the iPhone Edge is in fact still an interesting gym for developers and many of the APPS that are now being paid for on the Store are available for download in previous versions and yet functional.

Our advice, therefore, is to wait for the first experimenters to fight with compatibility and malfunctions until you get an upgrade version of the phone that is easy to install and with the possibility of maintaining access to the old native Apps.

With the current pace of activity of the DevTeam and its collaborators, a complete solution should not take more than ten days.

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