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iPhone and iPod touch: unlock and Jailbreak in one click for $ 40

iPhone and iPod touch: unlock and Jailbreak in one click for $ 40 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The unlocking and jailbrek tools for Firmware 2.0 are available on the Internet but require a little patience and cold blood to "free" our iPhone Edge and the new iPhone 3G. For those who do not feel like it, there is an alternative to hunting for files on the Web and to geek operations for now the only ones available.

This at least according to the statements of iPhoneinfused. The main page offers a system defined as 100% secure or reimbursed to unlock and allow the installation of free applications on iPhone with Firmware 2.0, all with a simple click of the mouse on an ad hoc program. Also on the home page of the site there are two videos showing an iPhone 3G unlocked with the proprietary solution, finally a YouTube video of about 4 minutes, which we report below, in which you can see the unlocking procedure together with the explanation of the functions rendered possible from this paid tool.

The solution proposed with a lifetime subscription that costs 40 dollars, about 25 euros: in addition to unlocking any version of iPhone, from 1.0.0 to the new Firmware 2.0, the proposed tools allow the developer to give life back to iPhones that seem permanently blocked due to incorrect procedures of jailbreack and unlock, finally it also allows you to unlock the iPod touch. The lifetime subscription also includes email support for installation and the guarantee that it will be possible to update your iPhone with future new versions of the Firmware.

Macity has not tried the tools proposed by iPhoneinfused: even if the promises are tempting, a minimum of caution is advisable and maybe waiting for a free and equally immediate version.

We remind you that any unlocking operation could violate the laws of the country in which it is carried out.

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