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iPhone 3G is disappearing from US stores

iPhone 3G is disappearing from US stores logomacitynet1200wide 1

Rumors about the low number of iPhone 3Gs available in U.S. stores were already circulating in the last days of last week. Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has already calculated that it will take between two weeks up to a month to increase orders and recover stocks. Macity covered the news in this article.

According to the website of rumors about the Mac world AppleInsider the situation worsened significantly over the weekend. For the opening of today's stores it has been estimated that only a limited number of stores have iPhones in stock and in extremely limited quantities. In the rare cases where the smartphone is available, it is one or two pieces only.

The scarcity of the iPhone 3G affects all the United States, from coast to coast, so much so that there would be only one Apple Store throughout California to have only a few black 16 GB models in stock. Similar scenario also on the east coast, in the state of New York, where only the flagship store of Fifth Avenue in New York would have only a few specimens of the white model. The amount of phones available through the Apple Store chain of stores has always been observed as an indicator of what will happen in the rest of the country but also internationally within a few days. Recall that the first signs of exhaustion of the iPhone Edge stocks had started precisely from the unavailability of smartphones in the flagship stores of large US cities.

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