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Instagram: version 4.1 for iOS and Android

A few days ago the well-known image sharing service Instagram has released its update to version 4.1 for iOS and Android operating systems.

Three are the main novelties, that is, there is the possibility to import videos from the library, introduce tools to edit images and, moreover, it is possible to record 15-second movies on Android. As for the import of videos from the media library, you can select a video clip to import, trim the video and select the best parts, in this way it is possible to fall within the set duration.

While, for the second novelty, which concerns above all iOS, Automatic Straightening: the tool that allows you to straighten images automatically, therefore, thanks to this technology, we can quickly correct the horizon of the photo. To be able to do this, simply click on the icon that presents a crooked picture with a row in the middle. This tool also includes other types of functions that give the possibility to rotate and edit images. Furthermore, with the new version 4.1 of Istangram, video support has also been introduced for devices with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

To be able to update the application, simply open the store and update by pressing on the update notification. Instead, for users who want to download it for the first time, they can find it in the Apple online store and in the Google Play store for Android users. It should be remembered that the download is completely free.


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