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iBimby: 1,800 recipes for the food processor on iPhone and touch

Thanks to the iBimby program and our trusty iPhone / iPod touch, we can always have over 1,800 recipes written specifically to be made with our food processor even in the kitchen. All the recipes proposed by iBimby describe in detail the individual steps and the settings to be applied to the robot for the preparation of the dish.

Remember that iBimby is not an official application of Vorwerk, the company that builds the Thermomix, but it is a collection of recipes compiled by enthusiasts and freely available on the Internet. The programmers used the archive of Thermomix recipes collected on the site.

in iBimby it is possible to search by recipe name or by looking for a combination of words, also on each recipe you can enter your personal notes. Some buyers on the App Store complain that the dishes database has not been divided according to the type, first, second, sweet and so on, hoping that this function will be implemented in a future update.

iBimby available on the App Store for 2.99 euros.