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Huawei Ascend D Quad XL: this is really the Android device …

Several new ones have been launched on the market lately SoC(System-on-a-Chip), i.e. integrated chipsets: an example are the S4 QualcommeNVIDIA Tegra 3 with its 4 + 1 quad-core and 12 GPU cores, which is already present in different terminals such as Asus Transformer Prime with definitely results excellent; on the other side of the fence we can see Apple's A5X chipset, currently mounted only on the new iPad, which has been much discussed following the infamous "quadruple power". Huawei it may have built an even more powerful chip than the ones listed above.

The Swedish siteNordic Hardwarehe would have discovered something very interesting about the chipset inserted in theHuawei AscendD Quad XLThis processor, known as Huawei K3V2, developed by the company itself, a quad core with a clocking that can go from 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz (depending on the configuration) and has a core of 16 GPU, 4 more than Tegra 3. The Scandinavian site, comparing different devices, arrived at a surprising conclusion.

The men of the above site have tested the megapixels per second of each device.The Huawei K3V2 defeated the Samsung Exynos, the Tegra 3 and even the Qualcomm MSM8260 overclocked at 2GHz.

Subsequently, they carried out the Nenamark 2 test: this performance test consists in testing the framerate (frame rate) of the OpenGL ES 2.0 platform on the various devices. The Ascend D Quad XL beat all rivals with a framerates of 62.75; the closest was the HTC EVA UL, mounted on the Qualcomm Adreno 225. Four of the top five are devices with a minimum 720p display.

The chipset of the relatively young Chinese company therefore seems having proven himself the best in the tests carried out; it is necessary to keep in mind that the benchmarks (i.e. the performance tests mentioned) are intended to test devices to the limit of their potential: often common users do not notice differences between one chipset and another if used for normal purposes.

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