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How to use PP25 in Italian to download and install IPA programs on iPhone without …


Detailed and illustrated guide to download and install games, programs and IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak withP25

As we have seen in the past few days, the famous Apptrackr site and Cydia Installous' tweak have disappeared from circulation.

Initially it looked like it was more difficult for everyone to download games and programs for free in IPA format for iPhone, but then we saw who I am many alternatives to Installous were born and some of these don't even require jailbreak.

Among the many available, I point out in particular PP25, a Chinese site that offers many IPA games and programs for iPhone that would normally be paid, but which in this case can be downloaded for free.

But the thing that characterizes the PP25 site that, in addition to downloading free iPhone applications and games that would normally be paid, that this site allows you to install IPA on iPhone WITHOUT JAILBREAK. Yes, you read that right: any user with an iPhone can finally download and install IPA of games and programs that would normally be paid completely free of charge, without the need for jailbreak!

But how is all this possible? Let's see it together with the illustrated guide that explains how:

  • download IPA of free games and programs for iPhone
  • use PP25 in Italian
  • install IPA games and programs on iPhone without jailbreak.

The guide, contrary to what it may seem, very simple and quick to follow. The procedure is almost completely guided and in any case the whole procedure is clearly illustrated.

Let's not waste high time and start immediately with the guide.

How to use PP25 in Italian to download and install IPA programs on iPhone without Jailbreak

PP25 installs IPA applications and games on iPhone for free without Jailbreak.

This site and this guide work on any device on the market today and, we repeat, there is no need for jailbreak.

For the uninitiated, we remind IPA and the format of the programs for iPhone, iPad and iPod (a Microsoft Word file in .doc format, an Excel file in .xls format, a PowerPoint file in .ppt format, while a iPhone file in .IPA format, just to understand us).

But let's start with this fantastic guide.

FOREWORD: the guide was NOT prepared by us, but was taken from the IPMART FORUM.

I have personally tested it and everything works perfectly. It is spectacular to be able to download and install free paid games for iPhone without even having to jailbreak.


  • Windows computer with iTunes
  • Devices with or without Jailbreak (iOS 5, iOS 6, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPodTouch 4G, iPodTouch 5G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS)


The interface of the program is very simple and clearly stylediTunes(unfortunately given the origin of the development only in Chinese). The image shows you which are the most important parts.

First of all we have to translate this program into Italian, at least to be able to understand something of what is written in the screens.


Start the downloaded executable and proceed with the installation by clicking Next.

Obviously, if your Firewall or Antivirus asks you if the program can receive and send connections, you allow everything.

Enabling the device

The first important step before downloading applications enable the device:

  1. Tap on the red entry in the left column (1)
  2. Press the blue button (2) which will start a process of a few seconds, at the end of the process a yellow confirmation pop-up will appear at the bottom.

Well, now your device is enabled, you are ready to download and install applications.

Download and install applications

Look for the application you wish to download, using the box at the top right (a large number of apps including Italian), after finding the desired application, go with the mouse on the application and press the first blue button (DOWNLOAD).

The application will be downloaded in the background. You can follow the download by pressing in the fifth item of the left column (look at the overview above).

After the application has been downloaded, it will be moved to the list of downloaded applications (sixth item in the left column, look at the overview at the top).

Now press the button on the right to install the application (the Apple device must be connected via USB, or via WiFi but we recommend the USB for greater speed).

The installation phase will start (the duration depends on the weight of the application).

When the installation is finished, a yellow pop-up will appear at the bottom with the writing "Applicationcorrectly installed ondevice nameand ready for use. "

Well, I'd say everything.

Have fun downloading and installing applications, games and programs in IPA format completely free of charge on your Apple smartphone or tablet. And you don't even need jailbreak

We will keep you updated on the development and news of the program. I think it is currently the best solution to download and install free IPA files for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak.


Download Link:

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