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How to emulate Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on Android smartphones

Vintage 1983, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was a Japanese consul considered as the innovator of the gaming world, thanks to the quality of her games, inspirational design for subsequent generations and to a control system considered original for the time. by means of titles such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and many others that managed to reach the huge figure of 62 million units sold, also winning, in 2009, the first place among the best gaming machines of all times. And how could we celebrate it except by showing you how to emulate NES with Androidthrough aAndroid NES emulator?

How to emulate NES on Android

Although there are several Apps that can act as an Android NES emulator, we recommend that you use it John NESboth forreliability, both for compatibility with ROMs and for the negligible price for having it. Available in both paid and "Lite" versions, to verify that it runs at its best on your device, the only difference between the two consists in the fact that the latter lacks those advertisements that could annoy you ruining the experience of game with the NES Android emulator.

  • Get the program from the Google Play Store, downloading the version you prefer and then installing it on your smartphone; John NES - NES Emulator John NES Lite - NES Emulator
  • Just as it is for John GBC and John GBA, start the app safely without worrying about various BIOS or settings, we still invite you to tinker among the options present in the NES Android emulator in order to find the most suitable configuration for your use.

Concluded the very short tutorial NES emulator, let's see how to download NES games.

Download NES games

Remembering, as usual, that this is a non-legal operation unless you are already in possession of the original ROMs, the latter must be in the format .NES (even the zipped files go, relying on what is transcribed between the features of the application on Google Play) and positioned in a location of your choice; here are 4 sites from which you can do the download games NES:

We recommend that you use Googlen in case i videogamewho wishes they are not available there, do not satisfy you or do not work on our NES Android emulator.>>>> Find out also how to emulate Mame on Android

Emulate NES with Android

John NES an app that is truly accessible to everyone, in fact if you intend to emulate NES with Android, you will only have to download the NES Android emulator from the Play Store, install it, fulfill the NES game download, transfer them where you prefer to your smartphone / tablet and live the emotions of those who in the 80s touched the fantastic with their handsNintendo Entertainment System; a preview of some screenshots taken directly from the App:

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