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Here is the dentikit of the European iPhone user

Here is the dentikit of the European iPhone user logomacitynet1200wide 1

Seven days after the official launch of the iPhone 3G in several European countries, the analysis and research company Nielsen has created the typical user identikit. In total, 1.1 million iPhone users in Europe of which 73 percent are male and two thirds are under 35 years of age, 40 percent single.

Among the factors that led to the purchase of the new iPhone, Nielsen identifies the 3G fast connection as the most important, indicated by 35% of people. 26% say they have chosen iPhone for the Apple brand, while 29% indicate design and style as a determining factor. Nielsen's analysis clearly shows the predisposition to technology and its daily use detected among iPhone users, significantly higher than the average. Those who purchased iPhones access the Internet, watch more videos, send and receive emails with percentages that are clearly above average.

Interestingly, the Nielsen survey also demonstrates a consistent use of the numerous functions offered by the smartphone: 73 percent of users use it to listen to music, 64 percent use the Wi-Fi connection, and finally 54 percent use the integrated camera . Only a single sore point, indiscriminately detected by all users: the limited battery life: this according to Nielsen the greatest frustration for consumers.

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