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Help | The best Android applications to travel "serene"

Definitely the potential of smartphones Android it is mainly exploited in situations of mobility. Today we manage to carry out operations that until a few years ago were unthinkable, if not from the home PC. Applications available in the Google Play Store they are now many, and every day they increase exponentially. Today we offer you a small, and certainly useful, collection of applications that "help and assist" in our travels.

With the advent and success of terminals capable of connecting to the internet in mobility, the ever-increasing implementation of antennas GPS and therefore the possibility of exploiting the geo-location, we have the opportunity to have the whole "world" at hand. We will have in our palm, a satellite navigator, a historical-tourist guide, a gastronomic adviser, a travel agency and a very complete geographic encyclopedia. All these features, as mentioned, are possible thanks to the applications available in the Google Play Storeche, increasing day after day, they offer us always updated and interesting services.Here is a small list of indispensable applications to bring during our pleasure or business trips:

Official application of the portal of the same name, the best of its kind. It allows us to consult reviews and ratings, comment and book hotels around the world. Furthermore, by taking advantage of geo-location, we can find the nearest hotels and hotels to our position.

If you are planning a trip, we strongly recommend that you download it at the following link:

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Official application of the portal of the same name Not quite as popular as but quite good. Styled application All-in-One from which you can book a flight, rent a car, book a hotel room and track your trip with the interesting function My Trips (works like a travel journal, taking advantage of geo-location and what the application has stored).

Really interesting application to install for all those who travel for business or pleasure.

You can download it at the following link:

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The application of the portal of the same name could also not be missing Reported on Google Play Store such as Top Developer certainly resulting from the success first of all from the portal, and then from the official dedicated application. For the uninitiated, TripAdvisor the reference point for millions of travelers and curious people from all over the world. It is a portal that contains reviews and comments from hotels around the world and which winks at the appearance more properly Social. You can insert comments of accommodation facilities, view reviews complete with photos, interact with other users registered on the portal, search for reviews and review restaurants, exchange ideas and travel tips on the dedicated forum, find points of interest near your position, and also write your own travel diary

In our opinion one of the most complete applications on the Google Play Store, fully translated into Italian.

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Accidental tourists

Official portal application, taken from the successful television series broadcast on the Italian RAI channels. The application, all Italian and with a high Social component, gives us the opportunity to read reviews, see photos and travel diaries of other "tourists". Furthermore, taking advantage of geo-location, it allows us to view reviews relating to the place where we are. We also report the possibility of add and view parties, festivals and other events in the areas visited.

An excellent application that should not be missing for those who want to better organize their trip. We advise you to download it at the following link

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Application released by the developer of the same name, also among the Top Developers in the Google Play Store, helps us to discover, know and find new commercial places of interest. The application mainly aimed at commercial activities such as Pubs, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bars, Cafes and much more. Of course we will be able to read reviews issued by other customers and get to know, using geo-location, the closest places to be able to enjoy something good at low prices. Interesting the function related to prices applied in the various commercial premises reviewed.

Essential application for those who travel and want to enjoy dinners or lunches in peace while not knowing the best places, we recommend you download it at the following link:

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There tourist guide world par excellence in the palm of your hand. Developed by the team of the same name, Globetrotter it offers us the possibility to know and get tourist-historical news related to the points of interest that are close to our position. Of course, the application works if we have one Data connection and a GPS antenna on the terminal used. The application will find places to visit for us, showing us a small historical introduction to the place. We may also download previously points of interest in order to better organize our tourist visit. The application will also find hotels and hotels closer to stay in addition to the presence of travel diaries or travel ideas.

An All-In-One application that we strongly recommend to download at the following link:

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Google Maps

One of the best travel apps available in the Google Play Store can certainly not be missing from home Google. We will almost certainly find it Google Maps pre-installed on our Android terminal. The application implements many services made available such as, Maps which gives us a detailed world map also in 3D, Places to find the places of interest and know the opinions of other users with the possibility of checking in, Latitude to share on social networks our position acquired with the geo-location and finally the navigator well integrated with the application.

For those who have not pre-installed this application on their terminal, we strongly recommend downloading at the following link:

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Application now very famous and well integrated with the main ones social networks present on the net. It allows us to do check in in places where we are, to let our network of friends know where we are and attach a small review with photos. Of course, the application is very useful for know the interesting places around us, taking advantage of the geo-location integrated in the application.

A Must-Have for all users Android which you can download at the following link:

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My Tracks

Really very interesting application that acts as a travel diary by tracing the route taken. The excellent integration that the application has with famous services such as is interesting Google Maps is Google Docs, in order to automatically upload travel information.

An excellent travel diary very precise and meticulous to take with you, anytime, anywhere. You can download it at the following link:

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Application in the wake of Foursquare that allows you to know, review, search and check in all the places of interest scattered around the world. The function that allows you to know the places close to our position based on your own is really interesting.tastes"Recorded by the application, the smart side of the application is powered by its use, therefore the more it is usedTellmewhere and more useful it becomes because it knows our tastes and knows how to advise us. There is no lack of additions to the main ones Social Network

A valid application to take with you for longer or shorter trips and not to run out of places to visit. It is possible to download it at the following link:

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Skyscanner the Find Flights

If we need to know flights, fares and timetables, the portal has made available an excellent application for our Android devices. With SkyScanner we can search further 1,000 airlines the flight that's right for us. We can compare rates and choose the one that's right for us.

A truly versatile and excellent application for those who love to travel at low cost. Available for download at the following link:

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Bravofly – Flights and Travel

Official application of the well-known portal, and excellent alternative to Skyscanner, with an eye to low cost flights. We can consult fares, timetables and buy tickets in complete safety and security, having over 400 airlines available with their own fares.

If you want to download it you can do it at the following link:

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Train Info

For those wishing to consult timetables, rates and availability of trains in Italy can do it through Trains Info. Really complete and optimized application for our Android smartphones, it also offers a service track which shows all the stops provided for by the chosen route, indicating costs and type of train.

For those who intend to travel by train, you can download the application at the following link

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Trenitalia timetables

The application, being an excellent alternative to Info Trains, allows you to search the timetables of all Italian trains, with prices, types of trains, changes, intermediate stations, tracks. Really complete and well structured, a pleasant addition to everything else UI decorated with good graphics.

The application downloadable at the following link:

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Google Translator

Last but not least, the inevitable service provided by Google. Google Translator our interpreter and language assistant who allows you to translate into 63 different languages with the practical voice input / output functionality of the translation and other very interesting features such as the possibility of:

– Star your favorite translations to access them quickly even when you are offline. – Access your translation history even when you are offline.

You can download the application just described at the following link:

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