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H20 Amphibx, amphibious armband case for iPod and iPhone

Although water and electronic devices usually don't get along very well, there is someone who would not be able to do without their music, even while swimming, swimming or swimming in the sea.

The H2O specialist has thought of everyone and offers an interesting "armband" for all those who wish to have their iPhone or iPod with them even during situations usually at risk of "short circuit".

Let's talk about the Amphibx, amphibious case available in large and medium version, adaptable respectively to larger or smaller devices branded Mela. So iPhone, iPod touch and iPod classic, but also iPod nano. This does not mean that the accessory is also compatible with other non-Apple mobile phones and mp3 players.

Features of the gadget are the safety lock, which allows an immersion of up to 3.6 m, the front screen that allows the use of the touch screen and the click wheel, the waterproof connector for the 3.5mm jacks, and the tear-off armband.

Both cases are already available for booking on the official H2O website. In Italy H2O products are distributed by Attiva.