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Guide: how to install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus via Custom Recovery

Ubuntu Touch was released yesterday evening in a preview version for the devices Nexus. Today let's see together what procedure must be followed to be able to do it to install in a few simple steps.

To installUbuntu Touch Developer Preview on your smartphone or tablet you must first have one installed Custom Recovery, and then download download the .zip file corresponding to your device model:

Galaxy Nexus"Maguro":download,Nexus 4"Mako": download,

Nexus 7 "Grouper":download,Nexus 10"Manta" :download.

Before following this guide, we recommend that you make a full backup for prevention. Now that everything is ready, after downloading the file for your device:

  1. Download this file and copy it to the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet together with the .zip file that you previously downloaded,
  2. Restart the device in Recovery mode and make a Wipe cache and a Wipe data,
  3. Install the .zip file that you downloaded first through the appropriate menu,
  4. At the end of the installation, install the .zip file that you downloaded in step 1,
  5. Exit the recovery mode by restarting the terminal

The game is done! Finally you can try the preview ofUbuntu for Phone orUbuntu for Tablet for your device. Alternatively, you can always follow the installation procedure that you find in the link in this article.

Do not forget to leave us your opinion via a comment below if you have installed the operating system on your terminal.


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