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[Guida] How to install Gmail 4.2 (with pinch-to-zoom)

After being revealed by Android Police a version Gmail 4.2 (apk most likely extracted from the next Nexus), we offer today a simple guide to have it already on your device.

Three new features are introduced with this new version. The long awaited pinch-to-zoom for emails that have been requested for ages by Android users using Gmail, archive or delete messages via a swype and finally also the possibility of report pishing attempts directly from the app.

Here is the video recorded on a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = 00xUH86sJV0 ?)

Let's now pass to the actual guide and specify that we at do not take any responsibility in case of damage to your device.

Download the Gmail2.apk application (mirror)

Root permissions are absolutely necessary since we will have to move some system files and without them we will not be able to do so. Obviously carry out the procedure at your own risk and if you are at least familiar with the terms used in the guide.

  1. Download the apk and place it in a folder in the internal memory of your choice
  2. Create a Nandroid Backup for security in Recovery
  3. Restart the phone and delete Gmail from your device (Go to system / app / and look for Gmail.apk and in / data / app look for Move or delete them). Or you can delete Gmail using applications like Titanium Backup for example.
  4. Restart your device
  5. Once restarted, simply install Gmail 4.2 by clicking on the .apk file downloaded at the beginning of the guide.
  6. If it didn't work, insert the downloaded apk in your SDK / Platform-Tools folder and insert in adbadb install Gmail2.apk
  7. All done! Now you should have Gmail 4.2 on your device

* On some ROMs perhaps you should also delete .odexed files, but most ROMs are deodexed and therefore there is no need to delete further files since they are not present.

NB The Gmail 4.2 apk not signed with the usual Gmail key but with a different key (obviously development). The application will therefore not update from the Play Store if new updates are present, but it will be necessary to cancel the installed version and normally download the new version from the Play Store.


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