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Grabatron: command an evil UFO

Have you ever seen films in which impressive and terrifying alien spacecraft invaded the land? Surely. These UFO, very often, sucked to human s and animals and people were totally terrified of these beings. Have you ever fallen into the shoes of bad? Maybe you always thought they were just gods enemies to be torn down and nothing else, and if it was you evil of the situation? If you find yourself in control a spaceship? Do you want to try this experience? Then drop into the game Android, Grabatron

It is an application that will allow you to control a particular UFO. Your job will be to invade the land and kidnap, through the mechanical arm, animals like cows and sheep and even beings human. In fact, you can to grab anything present in the various levels: if you want to throw one car, or detach a shop sign, you can! During your flight you will have to pay attention to enemies: people, who will try to cut you down. Also, do not fly too high as you will be hit by the airplanes.

The title allows you to drive the UFO by taking advantage laccelerometro of your device, but if you are not fond of this system, you can always decide to activate i touchscreen buttons from the options panel.

The strong points of the game, in my opinion, are the graphics and above all the playability: two fundamental factors for a good application.Grabatron downloadable from the Android Market for the price of 0.77 euro cents.

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