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GeForce for Italians

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The GeForce 3 on AppleStore is finally available for Italian customers too. Almost six months after the card was presented and put on sale, the fateful button appeared a few days ago by pressing which you get the opportunity to have at home the most powerful of Nvidia's products. Note that before the card became sortable, the only lucky ones who could order it were those who bought a new G4; in reality some readers pointed out to us a few weeks ago that ordering a G4 with a GeForce card resulted in biblical delivery times, a sign that perhaps it was impossible, or at least not advisable, to place an order inclusive of GeForce 3. All this while in other countries of Europe (not all) the card was normally orderable and for Americans it was now an old thing so much that it had suffered a couple of price drops since the launch. The reasons for this sort of "discrimination" against Italian customers (and other countries of the old continent) have never been disclosed. We remember that, as mentioned, GeForce 3 is the flagship product of Nvidia, used in all computer (PC and Mac) of those who want performance exasperated from the point of view of 3D performance. Its availability (at a sum which, added to the VAT, slightly exceeds the million and 300 lire with estimated delivery times in five days) is therefore good news for all. Too bad that in a month and a half, according to many sources, Nvidia will present an Ultra version of the GeForce, making many fans take the risk of buying a model that is put on sale already old.

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