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Geekbench 3, arrives surprisingly in the Android Play Store

The apk comes after a long time Geekbench 3, on the android play store. It is well known in the Android world because it manages to provide many useful services for the user. Let's find out more in detail.

In essence, this simple app perfectly reveals the performance of your device by analyzing the technical characteristics.

In fact, for example, it is able to provide us with information regarding the performance of the processor and of memory.

Recently the company that created the android software, immediately made available – after a short distance – Geekbench 3. But it is not just a normal update, but a real innovative program.

It is available on Android play store at a paltry cost of only 0.79 euros. Many hoped for a simple update, but a price so it certainly won't make users so angry!

With the new program we will be able to better visualize the various results and make a distinction between single is multi core. So we will be able to see the performance of the new processors that have been put on the market recently.

Now all that remains is to purchase this simple application and then carry out the download by Geekbench 3.

From now on we will be able to control our Android device more consistently and this will help us to make it even more functional.

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