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FireWire 2 now close

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Today should be the day of the first public demonstration for IEEE 1394b. The new implementation of the standard known in the Mac world as FireWire has been scheduled by Texas Instruments which manufactures the chips at the basis of the connection system. We remember that IEEE 1394b is nothing but FireWire 2, or a step forward in technology that will allow all computers with compatible ports to transmit data at twice the current speed. This means that IEEE 1394b will reach 800 Mbps per second against the current 400 Mbps of the FireWire ports present on all Macs. The presentation of IEE1394b is the prelude to the use of the new system in machines of future design which would mean a new step forward in the consolidation of the current leadership position in the fast peripheral connection sector. In an article published for the occasion, C / Net highlights the leadership position, which is difficult to remove, which has reached FireWire even in the face of an opponent like USB 2 supported by giants such as Intel (who invented it) and HP (who promotes it with great determination). According to some market observers interviewed in the context of the article at the moment the only concrete advantage of USB 2 is the cost, reduced compared to that of FireWire, for each port installed. But this limit seems to be by now overcoming so that FireWire, already present in 15% of PCs, will become de facto standard. For USB 2, also crushed in terms of speed, it will remain a niche space in the context of products such as mice, keyboards and scanners.IEEE 1394b, in addition to the double speed compared to FireWire "first version", capable of transmitting data on longer connections than those currently in use, even in fiber optic, and opens the way for a wireless version.

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