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Facebook Beta update for Android

The update of Facebook Beta for the well-known Android operating system. The main feature of this update to version 3.7 is its changelog.

So, users to be able to use this new Facebook Beta update for Android, first of all will have to access the 'Beta Testing' of theapp and after doing this, they will have to download the upload from the virtual store of Android, completely free of charge. In addition, from what I learned, this new update has brought many news, which will surely satisfy the requests of Android users. Returning to talk about the 'Changelog', thanks to this new feature, Androidians will have the opportunity to 'edit comments', and above all to see the changes that have been made. Beyond that, everyone will be able to quickly view future events, looking at the 'favorite' pages.

Still other news, with this new update. In fact, thanks to version 3.7 there will be the possibility to 'create and share photo albums', and moreover, just about this new feature, numerous system crashes and various bugs have been fixed. Furthermore, the speed of loading the 'news feed' and photos of the 'news feed' has also been increased. In addition, the 'Use' setting as a lock screen has returned. The only flaw of the new version, the problem concerning the recent 'Posts' in the feed on the side.

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