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Editorial | Google Drive: because we consider it a MUST-HAVE

The cloud storage not a new and last minute gimmick. It is a system thought and rethought a thousand times, a few years ago, especially favored by the development of high speed networks such as ADSL is optic fiber. In this article we want to explain to you, why us at, we believe Google Drive the definitive cloud storage, especially for Android devices.

Let's start with order. We have already talked about it in previous articles, but we prefer to make a brief introduction explaining well, once and for all, what cloud storage really is and what benefits this magnificent service offers. By definition cloud storage is a method of file retention, where the files themselves are saved on large server thanks to the use of the internet.

Imagine not having the opportunity to take your laptop on a business trip, pc that contains important documents for your company or for your project. Thanks to cloud storage, you can simply upload these documents to server of those who are offering you the space in the cloud, thus being able to dispose of this material wherever you are, on any machine you are working on, having only the need to have a network.

Having said that, we can finally analyze Google Drive, the cloud storage of Mountain view and discuss how useful this service really is for everyone. Well … let's start then, analyzing the key points of the platform!

This is not a simple cloud storage. We prefer to define it as a real suite for the creation and management of documents and files online and not for nothing, in fact, Google Drive a complete re-style of the dear old man Google DocsWe create our documents, worksheets, presentations and drawings from scratch, having a complete set of reliable and user-friendly tools available. We manage our cloud space through special folders that allow you to always keep everything in order. We share our files with our friends and colleagues, having the ability to make group changes in real time. This is the world of Google Drive.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the new service Bigg, certainly the integration between the platform and the user. Thanks to the application Android or a GoogleDriveSync(the client software that allows the synchronization of files from PC to cloud), the user experience optimized and complete for the end user, allowing a simple management of the files from different terminals and with a very low level of difficulty: the virtually automated configuration, easy and intuitive use. The user interface remains in line with all the services offered by BigG, therefore clean and really well prepared, an absolutely winning factor. Google knows how to deal with users, and Google Drive proves it.

With the Mountain View giant in front of us, we can only expect excellent quality of service. An excellent server management, a simple intuitive interface, all accompanied by step-by-step guides and explanations for the correction of any errors or bugs or simply to take full advantage of the functionality of Google Drive. This is precisely one of the winning factors that accompany BigG in every project, or a well-launched brand that could rarely really leave a bad taste in the mouth. Drive an explosive mix of quality and guarantee that only the company founded by Larry Page isSergej Brin could offer.

We could talk about Google Drive indefinitely, praising all its magnificent features and perhaps managing to comb through even a few flaws ("Don't be afraid of perfection. You will never reach it." Said Salvador Dal) but we can definitely define it as a cloud service well-made storage that will surely face the competition of DropBox and beautiful company, also thanks to its free 5GB expandable for monthly payment of sums which, all in all, are quite advantageous.

Google Drive. Google's latest effort. A truly exceptional product in our opinion by, which we certainly consider a MUST HAVE for everyone, to be fully exploited via your smartphone, tablet or PC thanks to dedicated clients.

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