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Discounted rental movies on iTunes UK

Discounted rental movies on iTunes UK logomacitynet1200wide 1

The strategy of renting films at a reduced price on iTunes expands and lands in Europe. After the United States and Canada, the opportunity to see low-cost films (99 pence) arrived in the United Kingdom.

For a long time, full-price films have been on sale and rented in the overseas country, but to date, discounted films were not available, as in North America. The first to have the discounted cost Ronin, by John Frankenheimer, a compelling story with a mysterious suitcase at the center that passes from hand to hand with the war in the background scrubs, intrigues between secret agents and a few dead bodies. Although the film is not very recent (1998) the price is very attractive compared to that of standard price films (£ 2.49).

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