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Did you do the Jailbreak? Here are the best apps and tweaks you need to download from …


Here are the best apps and tweaks to download from Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad after doing the Jailbreak

As we have seen,yesterday the Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod was finally released.

Find all the news you need in this article:

Today, however, I would like to focus your attention on another aspect, which however concerns the Jailbreak of your Apple devices. As you know, in fact, the Jailbreak is not just for downloading and installing games, programs and apps in IPA format without paying for them, but also to enhance and extend the functions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod thanks to the many tweaks present on Cydia.

Apple's iOS operating system, in fact, a lot powerful, fluid and stable, but also very closed and not very customizable. With the Jailbreak instead possible edit and customize virtually any aspect of your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Since the material on Cydia really a lot, we try to collect in this article the most important tweaks to install to make the most of your iPhone, iPod and iPad immediately after doing the Jailbreak.

So if you've done the Jailbreak and want to install tweaks from Cydia, then you're in the right place. In this article you will find all the advice you need.

Before proceeding, however, some information and advice.

What a Cydia tweak?

Thanks to the Jailbreak we can install on our device applications that are not present in the App Store and make changes, both graphic and functional, which otherwise Apple would not allow. Almost the totality of applications and modifications (also called tweak) are all available on Cydia, that application that you find yourself installed after the Jailbreak process.

On Cydia we can find both free and paid applications and tweaks, we will advise you belowlots of free tweakswhich you can download now.

We also report that, while the App Store only hosts the applications of the Apple repository, on Cydia we can add many other repositories (also called sources). Basically we find pre-installed BigBoss and ModMyi, which are the ones that host the vast majority of applications and tweaks.

If you want, however, you can add them to your will quickly and easily.

The advice, however, is to NOT add too many tweaks to your iPhone, iPad or iPod: with too many things installed, it will inevitably become slower and may be more prone to bugs and problems. Install only the ones you really need.

Did you do the Jailbreak? Here are the best apps and tweaks you need to download from Cydia

Here are the MUST HAVE programs after the Jailbreak:

– SBSettings: allows you to always have all the shortcuts to click to adjust any system setting, such as enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, bluetooth, airplane mode, 3G, data, location, or adjust the brightness of the screen and free the RAM In addition, thanks to SBSettings we will be able to change the name of the telephone operator, hide the application icons, activate the% battery (for owners of iPod Touch). For those more attentive to graphics, there are seitemitters to choose from already available and many others to download separately. It also integrates seamlessly into the notification center.

– NCSettings: a valid alternative to SBBSettings (described above), which adds to our Notification Center or to the Home screen a new very elegant widget with some useful functions, such as switches to activate and deactivate: Wi-Fi, bluetooth, airplane mode, 3G, data, location , or adjust the luminosite much more.

– Activator: allows you to associate any gesture on a device with the launch of an application installed from the App Store or a specific command of a Cydia app, but also the activation of an iOS function. Among the infinite possibilities, it also allows you to simulate the power button or the home button with other commands, therefore particularly useful if one of these buttons does not work. To configure it going in Settings / Activator and select the screen where it must operate (or anywhere), the gesture and finally the action.

– KillBackground: allows you to close all the app with a simple gesture, which you can customize. If desired, we can also launch it by pressing a small icon in barramultitasking. It is also possible to set exceptions, to prevent some Apps from being closed involuntarily.

– SwipeSelection: allows you to move the cursor when writing emails or messages with a swipe on the keyboard. In practice, it will be like having directional arrows on the device keyboard without inserting new and bulky buttons. In short, a new way of typing simple and essential, in the Apple style.

– iFile: a complete file manager, which gives us full access to the archives of our jailbroken device. We can explore all the ifiles folders, but above all we can save the contents downloaded from safari or present in the email in the other apps. iFile also includes many tools that allow 360-degree exploration within the Apple device.

– biteSMS: a tweak that will let you experience SMS and messages from a whole new perspective. Thanks to biteSMS, when you receive a message, you can read the entire text of the message in the popup and reply directly, without having to go to the message application. Or you can mark the message as read, avoiding further notifications or badges. biteSMS integrates perfectly with iniOS.

After these programs, which are the ones that you absolutely must install, we come to the recommended ones, what you can download if you want, but which are not essential to enjoy the Jailbreak to the fullest.

– Zeppelin: allows you to change the operator logo with pre-set symbols.

– Torch:it simply adds a twist-shaped button in your Lock Screen next to the watch, which is used to activate and deactivate the LED flash of the smartphone when you need it.

– Five Icon Dock: allows you to have 5 icons in the dock. Let's move from a limit of 4 to a limit of 5 applications that can be inserted in the dock of your device.

– OmniStat for NotificationCenter: widget that shows a lot of information about the device directly in the notification center or on the Home screen (also installing Dashboad X). Among the info it shows we find: name, model, available space, network, IP address, battery data, running processes and much more. It also integrates a function to free RAM with a tap.

– YouTubeToMp3:convert and download YouTube videos to mp3 files.

– UnlimTones: search, download and insert many ringtones in the iPhone and directly from the iPhone.

– WinterBoard:allows you to change icons and parts of the graphical interface in a very simple way, adding custom themes. In practice, it allows you to change themes on iPhone, iPod and iPad. just download one of the many themes on Cydia and with a few taps it will be immediately active.

– Dreamboard: an alternative platform to WinterBoard, which is much lighter in use, for which truly complete and fantastic themes have been developed. It is also possible to switch from one theme to another in a very rapid way and does not require the Respring for each modification. Unfortunately, many themes are downloaded separately for a fee.

Well, I would say that for the moment we are done.

There are tons of other tweaks on Cydia, but truly an infinity, which you can download and install on your Apple devices after the Jailbreak.

Obviously, if you know some that you consider indispensable, all you have to do is add them to the comments to share them with all the other blog users.

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