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Cracks in the chassis of some iPhone 3Gs

Cracks in the chassis of some iPhone 3Gs logomacitynet1200wide 1

Some users of the new iPhone 3G who declare the appearance of cracks in the plastic back of the smartphone complain of the inconvenience. The cracks, according to the declarations, appear spontaneously and not following indicient or falls.

Several users have published their complaints by writing posts in the forums of the main sites dedicated to technology in general and to the Mac world, in some cases also including photographs, for example see here. The cracks affect the plastic cover on the back of the iPhone, a choice that, unlike the more resistant aluminum of the EDGE version, allows to lighten the phone, increase signal reception, and finally reduce production costs.

Recall that the sudden case breaks were detected by a small number of people and, according to the first reports available on the Internet, the model most affected by this problem would seem to be the 16 GB white iPhone 3G, while a lower number of cases attributed to the black model. All users who found cracks in the device and who went to the Apple Store to report the problem obtained the immediate replacement of the iPhone.

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