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Computers, historic drop in sales

Computers, historic drop in sales logomacitynet1200wide 1

PC sales down over the last quarter compared to the same period last year. The news, disseminated by Gartner Dataquest, of those to be marked with the highlighter since it is the first time that the IT market, since then years now, practically since the surveys began, marks a decrease in the number of computers sold. The number of machines sold would have been 30.2 million with a reduction of 1.5% compared to the previous year. The only major world retailer to have made progress was Dell (+ 20%); another giant like Compaq, just to name a name, instead saw a decrease of 14%. IBM, another major player in the sector, dropped by 7%. The reasons for the decrease in sales according to Gartner Dataquest would not be so much a question of prices, but of the lack of appeal of the current machines whose technological content would not be such as to stimulate the purchase. "Producers – comments DataQuest – still tend to leverage prices instead of introducing new proposals that extend beyond the vision that the spring for the purchase would be a favorable price / performance ratio".

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