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Chrome Android will receive Widevine

For sure there won't be many fans of DRM, especially when it comes to web and browser integration, among which we find famous brands such as: the Free Software Founfation, the Creative Commons and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and certainly not brands like Microsoft and Google, even if one once they contributed to the creation of the standard called 'Encrypted Media Extension' which certainly tells the browser how it is possible to leave complete rights management to three-party modules.

Among these, the well-known Widevine it will also be integrated into the innovative Android version of Chrome, and a technology will also be integrated, presented by the 'Encrypted Media Exension' standard, which has been created for clear-key decryption. With this technology the JavaScript present in the web pages you will have the possibility to control the reproduction of the video movie in order to be able to adapt appropriately, such as network conditions.

Furthermore, Netflix has already had the possibility to use these modules, and in this way it has the possibility to eliminate the plugins present in the vast browsers. But a small flaw also present in this service, in fact even if the insertion of the DRM gives a high control on the different streams present on the web, on the one hand, there is the danger that the developers may no longer use the web and operate only the innovative applications.

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