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CES 2013 | SENSUS the revolutionary iPhone case


Canopy presents SENSUS, the first "capacitive" cover for your iPhone that promises to completely revolutionize the approach to our beloved smartphones.

At CES 2013 in Los Angeles, a glitzy showcase where the most disparate gadgets are presented at this time, attention is drawn to a special cover for iPhones that will revolutionize our approach with our Apple products.

His name SENSUS and had already been presented by Canopy several months ago, only now that users have been able to test the product by hand we realized its potential, but to understand what we are talking about let's go specifically.

The Canopy SENSUS a "capacitive" cover which will be made available for many of Apple's current mobile devices, including fifth generation ipod touch and ipad mini.its price will vary from 59 to 99 dollars, depending on the model.An acceptable price since it will open us up new possibilities of interaction with our iDevices.

It is a particular cover because structured so as to have a total of 10 "touch inputs" on its rear panel and along the edges (contact sensors) comparable if we want to the rear screen of the PS Vita, the portable console of the Sony house, therefore it will give us the possibility to send the signal to the front screen, simplifying or in some cases eliminating the need to interact directly with it.

SENSUS will almost certainly find wide use in the play sector, but we should not underestimate the possibility that even the daily activities we carry out are simplified.

We just have to wait a little longer and in the meantime enjoy the official presentation video.

(youtuber youtube = ?http: // v = oOv71pUy74w?)

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