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Blackberries sync with iTunes (on Windows)

Blackberries sync with iTunes (on Windows) logomacitynet1200wide 1

The 8000 Series Blackberries sync with iTunes. A software that serves this purpose, Rim announced that the manufacturer's Blackberry deo was announced later yesterday evening. This is Media Sync, an application designed precisely to bring the communication device into harmony with the libraries contained in the Cupertino juke box.

Media Sync works more or less like it would work if the Blackberry was an iPod or iPhone. Once connected to the computer, the cell phone copies the libraries and if one of them has been modified, the library on the phone is also modified, adding or deleting the songs.

Obviously, Rim's software does not read songs with a DRM system such as those purchased on the iTunes Store. Not even able to operate on Mac; the operating system supported Windows XP or Windows Vista. The compatible version of iTunes is 7.0 (for XP) or 7.2 (for Vista).

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