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Assistance on Apple Laptops: is the revolution coming?

We have often in the past also mentioned in our forum cases of delays, complaints from shopkeepers and users on the poor efficiency of the modalities that Apple Italy, or rather Apple Europe uses to manage repairs of PowerBooks and iBooks. In almost all cases these are shipped to Holland for repairs of any kind leaving users without a vital tool for days and days if not for weeks. But two letters sent to us almost simultaneously from two different places in Italy make us realize that something is changing and fortunately for the better …

We quote verbatim:

?I would like to report a particular case of extra rapid repair of our Powerpook G4 Titanium 500, with the defective CD / DVD player (it no longer accepted or ejected the discs).

We contacted the toll-free assistance number on Friday 20/7/2001; on 4/7/2001 the DHL courier passed at 09.20 to collect the package, entirely at Apple's expense; after ONLY THREE DAYS, on Friday 27/7/2001 at 10.30 the Titanium returned (from Frankfurt, according to the shipping instructions) perfectly repaired and without any additional expense.

I had never seen such a thing, congratulations to Apple. "Alessio F.

"I wanted to inform you of a shocking thing. I called the apple toll-free number to send my ibook for repair because it no longer went to sleep and the battery was not recharged if it was on, while it was recharged if it was off. In the meantime I took a Ti 🙂 The courier arrived Tuesday morning at 11 to pick up my ibook with a box that they brought to them yesterday (Thursday) at 11 am they returned my ibook !! I thought they had made a mistake in shipments, instead it was coming right from Holland and it was repaired! In two exact days shipped repaired and sent back. Truly remarkable. For me the first time I use apple support it was a fantastic thing. "

Stefano F.

What can we say … let's cross our fingers and hope that from now on everything will proceed so quickly. We are also waiting for other readers' experiences: write to us.