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Apple, triumph in the cataclysm?

Apple, triumph in the cataclysm? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The concerns of the IT world, and in particular that of computers, which are facing a dark and uncertain horizon, for Apple could turn into a success factor. Wired says that he certainly addresses the topic in an article published yesterday. The key to everything would lie in the reasons for the IT crisis. ?Those who sell computers – says Wired – try to make money by selling identical systems, equipped with power that nobody needs. Under these conditions, with a base that is not faithful to the brand, the only solution to attract customers is to cut prices. " In this horizon there is one exception: Apple. "People want Apple because Apple – says Roger Kay, an IDC analyst – while nobody cares to have Dell because Dell". In addition, Apple is expanding right now, conquering new spaces such as direct sales to the public, in a moment while the rest of the competition is losing ground. "Apple has long bet that computers are bought for design and ease of use, instead of power – says Wired -; Jobs has bet on the digital hub strategy, placing the Mac at the center of a system that connects and makes available to the home user a series of accessories such as cameras, DVDs, cameras, they do something more than just a tool for office. And the higher cost of Mac machines may not even be a problem. The merger between Compaq and HP will lead to a rise in prices or, if nothing else, to a stabilization "

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