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Apple postponed to September

Apple postponed to September logomacitynet1200wide 1

It was not a keynote of great news: in practice Apple did not present really new machines available immediately but a slight speed bump on the processors.All the rest, really more powerful machines, Mac OS X with the solution of the problems of the finder and the new DVD and CD burning features, the DVD Player and a large number of third party applications and the beautiful iDVD2, all this will be available between September and August.

Interesting news comes from third parties who, however, also seem to be waiting for the release of the operating system in a more mature version.

Commendable exceptions Connectix which allows a test drive of its Windows emulator and Roxio which has put online a beta of its Toast for X.

But we will be able to report on this in the next few hours … The MacWorld we expected in NY will probably be the one at the end of September in Paris.

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