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Apple Digital Bundle: Kodak cameras with the discount seen up close

To introduce you with the Mac in the world of digital photography, Apple offers a discount of L. 200,000 for the combination with one of your choice between two models of cameras: these are DX 3500 and DX 3600 by Kodak.

They are entry-level digital cameras suitable for beginners of shooting without film but with excellent shooting quality and incredible ease of use. These are at least the opinions reported by all readers who have already purchased the devices in question. together characteristics and differences.

First of all the main data: these are 2 million pixel devices capable of taking 1600 × 1200 images: the lower model is equipped with a fixed focal length lens, while the upper model has a 2x optical zoom. 3x digital zoom: in any case it is an absolutely useless gadget seen the same result can be obtained with a normal image processing software and with the possibility of choosing between different interpolation algorithms. Regarding the choice of a machine without optical zoom (the cheapest DX 3500 model)? the main reason may be simply that of saving and a basic generic use: MacProf has been using a digital camera for two years and only on rare occasions has it felt the need for one zoom.In any case, shooting with a medium telephoto can guarantee ease of use (especially for portraits) for many users who may come from traditional film and they want the possibility of approaching a subject when it is impossible to do it physically. The cameras in question are equipped with a USB socket and can quickly transfer the contents of the internal memory (8 MB) to the computer, or use a compact flash card that can It can be used not only for direct download, but also with compatibility with old machines that only have serial numbers, provided that you are equipped with a converter for Compact Flash (there are some for PCMCIA, for SCSI and obviously for USB and Firewire). The manual adjustments are very few, the two cameras are truly dedicated to newbies of the photo or to those who do not want to go crazy with dials, compensations, white balance etc … Despite this, the photos you will get will be exciting (in relation to the price of the devices) and in can also be printed in a format greater than 10 × 15 without excessive grain. The nice color menu, by ivation (at least iconographic) from that of the Digita operating system that equips the upper models of the same house will guide you with ease to the image review operations, to adjust the few non-fixed parameters available.

The plus of the DX 3600 model In addition to the zoom that corresponds to a traditional 35-70 focal length, we can also include a recording mode of audio video films with sufficient quality for sending via email and viewing on a web page.

For a detailed comparison between the two machines, we refer you to this very complete file on MacProf

The current prices are 780.000 L. for the DX 3500 and 980.000 for the DX 3600 the equipment for both includes: wrist strap, KODAK digital camera base, video and USB connection cables, 7 volt adapter, rechargeable battery , basic insertion element for KODAK digital camera, software: KODAK Picture

In the photo below you can see the DX 3600 model, the 3500 has similar aesthetic characteristics.