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App Store: free games and software win

The Medialets company studied the sales trend of the programs on the App Store, taking advantage of the download count published by Apple and making sales estimates for each individual application based on the number of reviews and votes received.

As expected, the most popular programs are the free ones: among the top 10 in the list of the most voted only paid Super Monkey Ball, the other nine are all free. The category that has been most successful is that of video games, followed by the Entertainment section, then by Utilities, Productivity and Travel.

The first statistics generated on the App Store by Medialets indicate a significant reduction in the average price spent by users, starting from the day of launch, $ 6.03, with a drop of 56 cents, up to $ 5.47 recorded in these last days.

The estimates relating to the revenues generated by the iPhone applications are interesting: according to Medialets, the Sega Super Monkey Ball title would have generated sales for a turnover of 4.9 million dollars and this only in the first launch weekend. Even less ambitious software prove to be successful operations on the App Store, such as Bejeweled 2 which would have totaled 627 thousand dollars in the first two days of the App Store.

The App Store statistics created by Medialets are available on this Web page. The system based on votes and preferences, used to link the total downloads to the numbers actually recorded by the individual applications, could be of some concern. For this reason, it would be interesting to have developer releases or statements regarding the number of actual sales and downloads. Only in this way would it be possible to verify the results of the statistics elaborated by Medialets.