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Android app: Evomail-Modern Mobile Email

From what has been learned, the well-known e-mail service, Gmail, wanted to introduce some interesting specifications that wanted to modify the e-mail boxes.

In fact, I want to report to all Android users, this well-known application 'Evomail-Modern Mobile Email?, Through which everyone will be able to guarantee easy and intuitive email management, an app that presents innovative graphics that are very simple to use.

For those who remember this first app had the title 'Gmail Client' intended only for iPad, however the various developers have decided to make this app also available for Android and iPhone, making other services available. At the moment, this app can support mailboxes such as: iCloud, Yahoo Mail, GMX, AOL Mail, Yandex, Fastmail, and also IMAP email accounts. POP3 support should also be announced shortly.

The main feature of Evomail-Modern Mobile Email that all users will have the ability to temporarily delete incoming mail. In fact, the e-mails can disappear for a few hours, and then make them reappear when you want, also setting a specific date. Beyond there. the app gives the possibility to perform multiple operations only with the help of simple swipes, also allowed to enter several e-mail accounts at the same time.

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