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Android app: 99 Days Pro

Today I want to report to all Android users, a new App that will be able to remind us of every event you have planned. This application is called '99 Days Pro: Status bar countdown'.

A few days ago, the well-known developer of 'Countdown status bar' has made this useful and interesting app available on the Play Store at the price of 1.04. The screen of this application presents the status bar number or 16 days, 18 days, which are the difference between the current day and the day on which the user has fixed the specific event.

The only flaw of this application that the Android user has the ability to add only five events, i.e. the maximum number to be marked, since in the status bar there are already set icons such as the connections and the percentage of the battery. The most important thing to know, how to add an event to remember, in fact, the app has a timer on which you can mark the given event out of an empty out of five, or click on an event that has already passed or is in progress, tap the button 'Countdown removal', in this way you will have an empty timer on which you can reprogram another event. In addition, in order to enter the title of the event to remember, you need to press on the icon that has three dots at the top right, in this way you will have the opportunity to enter the text and the day or month and the precise year, to do not forget.

For example, if today 2 September and set the timer for tomorrow 3 September as the day of the event, after clicking on the button at the bottom right 'Right' on the status bar the app loads the '1 day' icon or the difference storm of the event. In addition, the color of the status bar icon white just like the color of the text in the notification dropdown.

Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.