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An (almost) iPhone text editor is just around the corner

An (almost) iPhone text editor around the corner logomacitynet1200wide 1

An application for writing notes with formatted text, with different colors and different sources and even capable of copying and pasting. Here's what promises Proximi, a small company that is developing iPhone products. Their flagship MagicPad is a sort of small text editor, similar to the iPhone notepad but much more powerful. Among its features there is, for example, the possibility of varying the source, the color of the text and its size. In short, thanks to MagicPad, it is possible to write graphically rich texts to be used in various contexts, for example to be sent by email. A really interesting feature of the Proximi program is the ability to copy and paste, a function not present at any level in the iPhone and on which Apple would still be working. To copy and paste the text (which once transferred retains the original formatting) just place the cursor in a point, using the lens that helps us to enlarge the words, and drag the finger to the point that interests us to select and then press a button.MagicPad has been submitted to Apple for an examination of its functionality with the intention of putting it on sale on the App Store. At the moment it is not clear whether Cupertino will put his seal on the application, considering it to be quite safe and not dangerous for the stability of the O.S. Below is a video showing the functioning of MagicPad.

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