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Altroconsumo: with iPhone Tim and Vodafone duopoly

Altroconsumo: with iPhone Tim and Vodafone duopoly logomacitynet1200wide 1

In Italy the main promise of the iPhone, to use a single device to access the Web and make calls, would be nullified by the above-average rates offered by Tim and Vodafone. This is a summary of the opinion expressed by Altrocomsumo in a research carried out on the occasion of the Italian iPhone 3G launch.

In addition to tariff plans for calls and Internet higher than those of Wind and Tre, the two operators excluded from the iPhone wave, Tim and Vodafone would offer iPhone users even more expensive tariffs than the other plans of the two operators that can be used with other mobile phones. For this reason Altroconsumo suggests iPhone users to use the Apple smartphone only to surf and access the Web and to resort to another phone, with a traditional plan, to make phone calls.

The complete survey can be found in this Altroconsumo article. Here the monthly expenses for telephoning and accessing the web for all Italian mobile operators are calculated. The examination of monthly costs takes into consideration three different profiles of users who access the Web and make calls with low, medium and high traffic. According to the table prepared by Altro Consumo, iPhone plans are always higher than the average.

The consumer association announces that it will transmit the revelations and checks carried out by agents throughout Italy to the authorities as soon as possible. Accused are also market practices and shopkeepers for the purchase of iPhones, as well as the conditions applied to users. According to Altroconsumo, the conditions exist to report an abuse of a dominant position by Tim and Vodafone.

Macity editorial team thanks Roberto for the report.

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