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AirPods Pro Lite, production start of the low-cost Apple earphones

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 21 February 2020

Apple is working on a new generation of cheaper AirPods Pro. It seems to be a kind of AirPod Pro in Lite version.

February 21, 2020 update Latest news: After announcing the freezing of the AirPods Pro Lite project, the online newspaper DigiTimes contradicts itself and claims that mass production is about to start. In fact, they would have chosen the reference partner in Cupertino: "The Taiwanese Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), the rib of ASE Technology, will probably obtain orders for the chips destined for the new AirPods Pro, according to industry sources." A reference to the cheaper AirPods Pro that Appel seems to be working on, but at this point it's all half mystery. We will update the post as soon as there are further news, possibly from more reliable sources.

AirPods Pro Low-Cost?

According to the latest rumors reported by Digitimes, Apple is working with Taiwanese partners to create a low-cost version of AirPods Pro. Rumors explicitly mention the name of "AirPod Pro Lite."

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Unfortunately we have no further news. In fact, these new earbuds come mentioned en passant talking about other matters, namely the need for Apple to diversify the spread of production plants for take them out of China following the Coronavirus case. The report reads:

"By maintaining partnership with supply chain suppliers in both Taiwan and China, Apple could relegate a larger portion of the production of the new generation of iPad, Apple Watch, AirPod Pro Lite and iMac to Taiwanese plants, at a time in to which the epidemic increased the risk of delays in raw material supplies and deliveries, which in turn casts shadows on the resumption of normal operations of Chinese component suppliers and assembly plants. "

And this as much. It remains to be seen what is meant by AirPods Pro Lite, but if we had to venture, we would say that Apple is an update of the smooth AirPods, or a version less expensive and performing than the Pro. In any case, still early to talk about the product launch: given the situation, many months could still pass by.

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